Parent Philanthropy Program

Your decision to send your daughter to Trinity affirms your belief in our mission.  As a school community we will guide your daughter in developing an ethic of care. In turn, we ask that you become involved in our Parent Philanthropy Program. With your example, together we will ensure that your daughter becomes self-directed toward responsible participation in the global community. 

Through our student fundraising programs, philanthropic values are instilled in the young women of Trinity. To help bridge the gap between the actual cost of tuition and that charged, the students participate in two fundraising events annually. In the fall, each student is asked to commit to obtaining a minimum of $175.00 in pledges for the Walk-a-thon and, in the spring she is asked to commit to selling a minimum of $175.00 in tickets for the Mothers Club Raffle.

As parents you recognize the benefits of a Trinity education and support this excellent opportunity with your annual tuition.  However, the reality is that the true cost of educating one student is $17,155.00, which is $3,405.00 more than the actual charged cost. Less the required student fundraising amount of $350.00, the remaining tuition gap totals $3,055.00.
As the cost of education escalates, Trinity High School requests that all families make a pledge, beyond the student philanthropic giving efforts, in an amount that is consistent with the family’s financial circumstances. This is an opportunity for families to make a gift to Trinity that bridges this gap between the cost of tuition and the actual cost of educating students. While we ask that you consider pledging the full amount of $3,055.00, please do what your resources allow- any amount is greatly appreciated.  
Through your generosity we hope to defray some of the operational costs associated with our acclaimed curriculum. We also know that for many, paying the charged tuition cost provides challenge enough. Yet, we want you to be aware of the actual cost. Through the generosity of many, educated in this excellent environment, your daughter will have the opportunity to reach greater goals. Any gift you can give to this effort would be most appreciated and will directly benefit our students. 
Thank you for your extraordinary philanthropy.
Real Tuition Costs $17,155
Tuition Charge (-) $13,750
Required Student Fundraising (-) $350
Remaining Financial Gap (=) $3,055

Mother Teresa

Joy is a sign of generosity. When you are full of joy, you move faster and you want to go about doing good to everyone.
If you have any questions please contact Maggie McGarry at /708-453-8311